How does The Gutter Cover work?

The Gutter Cover utilizes surface tension (or surface adhesion) to draw water into your gutters, while directing leaves, “helicopter” seeds, and other debris to the ground.

Does The Gutter Cover come with a warranty?

Yes! We are confident in the performance of our product and offer a no-clog performance warranty, which also transfers to new homeowners at no charge.

How do I know if The Gutter Cover works?

The Gutter Cover Company has received accolades from Angie’s List, and our phenomenal record with the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself. In addition, Jill Farmer (a consumer advocate reporter for over a decade with Channel 2 News), continues to educate consumers about the products they buy, and has recommended The Gutter Cover Company as the best choice when shopping for a gutter protection system. We can also furnish hundreds of hand written testimonials available upon request.

What is the cost of The Gutter Cover?

No deposit is required and we do not promote deceptive discounts that are related to high pressure sales tactics. We are dedicated to maintaining integrity in pricing and give our bottom line figure from our itemized proposal on our first bid. This cost includes cleaning the inside of your gutters, cleaning your downspouts, minor gutter repairs, and installation of The Gutter Cover. Material, labor, and our warranty are also included in the quoted proposal. There are no hidden costs.

What kind of maintenance does The Gutter Cover require?

The Gutter Cover is virtually maintenance-free. It only requires an annual spray with the garden hose, which you can do from the ground when watering your plants. If you happen to already power wash your home, go ahead and spray the “nose” of the cover while you are already doing the rest of your home’s exterior.

Can I buy your product from a local hardware store and install it myself?

Be very careful, we are seeing products with a very similar name popping up everywhere, but they are typically generic imitations trying to ride on the coattails of our earned reputation. Make sure the product you are looking at is from an authorized dealer of The Gutter Cover, and is installed by a trained professional of this authentic product. When you purchase from The Gutter Cover Company, you can be sure you are getting the right product, backed by the real warranty.

What kind of roofs does The Gutter Cover work on?

The Gutter Cover works with almost any kind of roof, including: shingle, flat, metal, tile, slate, cedar shake, and extremely steep pitched roofs.

Are you the only dealer in the greater St. Louis area?

Yes, there are other dealers in other cities and states but we are the only authorized dealer in or around St Louis.

I actually had an estimate where another company showed me a product that they said was yours, how can this be if you are the only dealer?

As sad as it is, there are other companies that operate this way to get sales. They have purchased a piece of another product online with “the gutter cover” as its name; however, this is definitely not our quality product. To see the real product, contact us.

Will The Gutter Cover weigh down my existing gutters?

No. The internal bracket system that is unique to our product actually strengthens your gutters. Because the cover itself is screwed into the roof between the starter and first shingle, it never actually touches your gutters. For more information on our installation process, please see our Features and Benefits page.

Do you have something that will match my unusually colored gutters and/or shingles?

Yes! We have a wide assortment of colors in stock. In addition, we can order just about any other color you would like.

Do you subcontract out your installation of The Gutter Cover?

No, we have a staff of professional and seasoned employees who personally install The Gutter Cover.

Will The Gutter Cover still be effective in extremely heavy rains?

Yes. Actually the harder the rain is, the better they work. The concept of surface tension ensures even water distribution. Our product has been tested in rains up to 15 inches per hour, which is far more than your gutters should ever need to handle.

What happens if The Gutter Cover gets damaged?

All you have to do is make a phone call. Your homeowners insurance will pay for the replacement pieces, and we will take care of the rest.

Will your product install over my copper gutters?

Yes! As long as your gutters are in good shape, we can install The Gutter Cover system over copper, steel, and aluminum gutters.

How is your product different from the mesh-type gutter protection?

The Gutter Cover is made of heavy gauge aluminum with a smooth surface that operates using surface adhesion technology. This technology allows water in by rolling around the “nose” of The Gutter Cover right into your gutter system, while all leaves and debris fall to the ground. This is possible because of the positioning of the “nose” of The Gutter Cover; it extends right past the edge of your gutter system. Any products that are mesh, screens, have holes, or even surface adhesion products with a grated trough attached to their system will collect and hold debris either on top of the product or in the trough. These systems will eventually bare overflow problems as well as some being a cleaning nightmare. Remember that warranties for these products are for the gutters not getting clogged; you are not protected against the troughs being filled with leaves and debris which puts you back on the ladder again, scraping out a trough instead of your gutter.


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