Long Winter Ahead

“The Farmer’s Almanac,” the venerable publication with a great track record of predicting weather, says St Louis will experience a long, wet winter this year. November rains, snow and ice put a strain on your gutters. Clogged or unsupported gutters lead to overfills or spills onto your fascia and sides of your home. Increased moisture and rotting wood makes those parts of your home susceptible to termites and other damaging insects. The weight of ice and the constant thawing and freezing during the winter and early spring can detach or damage your gutters. Detached or sagging gutters lead to even more damage and mold buildup. If you have the Gutter Cover Company®‘s superior gutter protection system on your St Louis gutters, you won’t have to worry about these problems. Not only does our product prevent clogs, but it also reinforces and strengthens your gutter system. Get the Gutter Cover Company® today.